24 Hours Eastern Washington

Spontaneous road trips are good for the soul, even with today’s gas prices. Frank had some business to tend to in Prosser, so we decided to make the most of it and drink some Washington juice close to the source. We left early Thursday morning and made it to Prosser with little traffic. Our first […]

Spring Ratatouille Recipe

I’m a fan of dishes that offer flexibility. That’s why I love making ratatouille. Traditionally a French summer dish of stewed veggies, a willingness to be creative can take you in many directions with this dish. This ratatouille recipe can easily be made at any time of the year. It’s warming yet light with perfectly […]

Umpqua and the Oregon Coast

Today is Sunday and as usual, I find myself patiently waiting for thirsty customers to pass by the tasting room. The climate is muggy and boring, the tourists that make up my customer base haven’t been given the green light to head for the mountains just yet. Last week, Frank and I returned from an […]

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